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Our progress in life doesn't depend much on what our starting conditions are, but instead we like to think that the most important factor is how good are the decisions we make. They shape our destiny and take us places, and if we spin the wheel at the right place and the right time, all of us have a chance of growing our capital and succeeding.

All we need is a reliable and strategic source of information on how to manage our assets. Money if, of course, on the foundation on our personal and family prosperity. Banks are great for helping us multiply and manage our resources, but we have to be wise on what choices we make with them. 

The mission of Investors in People is to provide accurate, up-to-date and useful information and tips on how to make the most out of your bank experience. Join our community and start learning all you need to know to succeed!

See beyond marketing slogans

Banks are companies, and as such they want to sell you their services and packages, and they will try to convince you that they are your most convenient option. It works the same way with any product, that's the essence of marketing. So when you're looking for the best plan or the best package, all of them will tell you to choose them instead of the competition. And how do you see past that? How do you actually realize what's the best place to put your money and the best actions to take about it?

Investors in People is meant to be the source of 100% real and true information and advice. We are a community-driven site which centers around our blog. You can see some sample articles on this site or join our community to access all information available as well as contribute with your own experience.


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We are a growing and always active platform of user-generated content. No agendas, no sponsors, just the pure truth for you to make your best choices.

 Compare bank solutions, analyze in depth their pros and cons, and share your experience with our community. We have a horizontal concept of data sharing with dynamic networks of users from the UK and other places of the world, and you can become a part of us right now by simply signing up!

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"Investors in People is such a complete site, I follow their updates and read their great articles. I've found very useful information for the administration of my accounts and assets, definitely one of my best bookmarks."
By By Linda Lopez

"We have so much information out there about how to manage your money and how to make the best out of bank services, and most of that information is flawed or inconsistent. I love Investors in People because they are so coherent and clear about what they are trying to get across."
By Greg Hopkins

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